Paper Bag Advertising in Grocery Stores

Paper Bag Advertising in Grocery Stores

PaperBag Ads – marketing your business can’t afford to miss out on 

Sometimes a good idea is just genius in its simplicity, and when it comes to paper bag advertising in grocery stores it takes a special type of genius to create such a fantastic ecologically sound business plan. It can benefit businesses, sea life and the natural world, all  in one hit!

Marketing is a competitive business

If you are already involved in marketing, you already know how difficult it can be.  Today’s marketing is extremely competitive as advertisers via for space and advertising locations, spending thousands of dollars on getting their message out there.

Billboards, LED screens, internet advertising, TV ads , all make up the already saturated advertising landscape but one platform which up to now has been largely overlooked and that is paper bag advertisement in grocery stores.

This may sound like a niche corner of the market but think on. All grocery stores provide bags to customers to carry home shopping, so using the bag for advertising is a fantastic way to reach people in the store, on the street and in their own homes.

 Even better, if the bag is attractive, well made, reusable and good for ecological reasons, this great impression will stick to your advertising message printed on the side. 

Choosing paper bag advertising space reflects well on your company. 

Well made paper bags look upmarket and classy. Sturdy and reusable, a well made paper bag, advertises your green credentials to the world, and if the advertising message comes from your company, by association, your advertising message captures these green credentials too. And because the grocery store bag has a stiff and rigid structure, each bag becomes a mini billboard in its own right. 

The move to reduce plastic waste is extremely important for our environment

The move to reduce plastic is important for our environment but it is important to remember that this has a massive local impact too. 

PaperBag Ads was created for sound ecological reasons that have an impact on the local environment.  Founder Jim Geiger, living on the beach in California, noticed that sea turtles and other sea life were dying because of the plastic bags in the ocean and washed up on the beach. Turtles are especially at risk because they mistake plastic bags for jellyfish so eat them, leading to a slow and painful death for these beautiful animals. 

Jim Geiger decided to get to the root of the problem so started to give grocery stores millions of grocery store paper bags for free. To pay for this, companies can advertise on the side of the bags. 

Paper bag advertising is innovative and growing in popularity. 

Over 10, 000 retail outlets in California are already using the bags and they are proving very popular with customers. Advertisers of all types are using the bags too. 

Joining in with this movement does not require any sacrifices or even too much expense for the advertiser. For the advertising company it provides a whole new platform of visibility, giving a place to advertise local businesses or products. This type of direct advertising is cost effective and it works.

After all there aren’t many advertising platforms in the world that can truly say they protect turtles and sea creatures while delivering such great results for business and the end user. 


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