Why Paper Bag Ads Work Significantly Better


Our Location – We have more than 10,000 stores to advertise you in.

Our Targeting – Paper Bag Ads are seen EVERYWHERE. You have to eat right? We’re there. Whether you have a demographic or geographic target criteria, we can cover it it.

Exposure Guaranteed – No page to turn, no billboard sign to miss, nothing to google. Paper Bag Ads are covertly in your face.

The Visibility – It’s not just seen by them, it’s seen by every other shopper too. It enters their home, it travels with them, and it’s reusable plus recyclable.

No internet – We don’t have to reinvent the wheel — just make it better. There’s no name to look up or link to click. Grocery store Paper Bags are used by millions of people.

Influential Decision – Grocery shoppers are decision makers. Every product or produce they purchase, requires a conscious thought. Influencing them with a positive, ethical decision to choose paper bags is exactly why our ads are so impactful. A variety of advertising agencies are now offering our bags too.




Buy Grocery Bags California – Eco-Friendly Paper bags are mini billboards, just 100x more effective. From the store, to their car, and into their home. It’s a lasting message.

The eco-friendly paper bags can be re-used for a variety of purposes enabling the advertisement to continue it’s message and be seen by more than grocery shoppers. Eyes on our bags is truly limitless.

With proper care, our bags are re-useable 4 times. Plastic bags establish holes after the 1st use. We’re contributing to saving the planet & sea life.

The heavy duty brown paper bags that we use are durable enough to hold more than 2 gallons of milk.

By using our eco-friendly paper bags with ads, customers carry a positive impact in making the “right” decision by eliminating typical plastics.


Buy Grocery Bags California – Grocery stores aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. We allow our advertisers to reach nearly every shopper that checks-out. Paper Bag Ad in hand or not.

Advertising your business to a new level one eco-friendly paper bag at a time.

Why Paper Bag Ads are so effective:
Green Status

Great Value

Capture Names




Brand Identity

Tracking Sales

Build Trust

When I see an ad in a magazine or driving passed a billboard, I usually forget to follow through with it. I can’t forget these ads because I’m continually seeing it on all of my bags! It goes home with me, and that’s unique. – James W.

My family and I do our best to shop strictly at at eco-friendly grocers and only purchase products from companies that hold similar values. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it and Paper Bag Ads has done a great job of this. – Susan K.

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